Hello friends!

The past year has been so incredibly busy, I have neglected my journal! So, time for a quick summary and update!

Last you heard from me, I was coming off of a summer of assistant directing The Merry Wives of Windsor with Nebraska Shakespeare.

Since then, I:

  • Got a new job at a global tech company that I have always dreamed of working for!

  • Started year 2 as a Disney Musicals in Schools teaching artist with Omaha Performing Arts, helping produce The Lion King Kids! at a local elementary school

  • Played Rico/Candy/Lynn Lemur in Madagascar: A Musical Adventure at The Rose Theater

  • Premiered the role of Adeline Ravoux in Van Gogh & Me by Matt Gutschick at The Rose Theater

  • Played Helen McCormick in The Cripple of Inishmaan by Martin McDonagh with the Brigit Saint Brigit Theatre Company

  • Disney Musicals in Schools performances and Student Share

  • Played Curious George in Curious George & the Golden Meatball at The Rose Theater, and sprained my foot during a show the final week of performances

  • Participated in a playlab reading for the Great Plains Theatre Conference

  • Assistant Directed King John: A Troublesome Reign and appeared in Much Ado About Nothing for Shakespeare on the Green, and played Cinna in Juno’s Swans: Julius Caesar, an all female reading series, and served as co-camp director of Camp Shakespeare for Nebraska Shakespeare

  • Started year 3 as a Disney Musicals in Schools teaching artist with Omaha Performing Arts at another elementary school, also working on The Lion King Kids (third year in a row!)

  • Accepted into and began Artist INC, a juried workshop program of seminars facilitated by working artists in Omaha on how to maintain an economically sustainable career in the arts

  • Auditioned for numerous projects with varying degrees of success

  • Saw many wonderful and inspiring theatrical productions and music concerts at many different theaters and venues

  • Made connections with new people, made new friends, became closer with my mentors, and created a sort-of-plan for what I want to accomplish and where I want to go in the next few years

  • All while working and growing at my tech job. Time is an illusion!

It feels really weird to be so seemingly self-congratulatory, but my learning in Artist INC has taught me that I am my own business, especially as an actor, and sometimes you just have to market yourself, as uncomfortable as it is. I do plan to update this journal much more frequently now that I have a small group of peers who are holding me accountable to my goals, and I actually have some exciting ideas of what other kinds of content to create. Watch this space for more things to come!

Bye for now!