Welcome to The Blog!

This space will be updated with info and reflections about current and upcoming projects, and perhaps interviews with artists in the biz whom I admire and want to, ya know, glean stuff from. But first, a bit of an introduction:

Who I Am

I'm Anna. I'm an actor, educator, aspiring director, artist, theatre goer, feminist, youngest and smallest child of the Jordan family, Christian, kombucha enthusiast, ENFP, lover of Shakespeare, of Swedish descent, Pixar fan, sometime blogger, frequent concert-goer, puppeteer, rosacea sufferer, Whovian, casual photographer, infrequent yoga doer, occasional dancer, Leo, Game of Thrones binge watcher, wannabe banjo player, Instagrammer, plant lover, animation appreciator, reader, listener, observer. 

What I Do

By day, I'm an actor-educator with RESPECT, a touring educational theatre company that teaches about healthy relationships, and gets students talking about solutions for bullying.  It's amazing to get to perform for huge crowds of students in gyms, as well as work with small groups of students in a classroom setting! I am also a teaching artist for the Disney Musicals in Schools program through Omaha Performing Arts. Underserved elementary schools in the metro get free rights to a Disney Kids musical, and teaching artists assist their school teams in directing, choreographing, music directing and stage managing their first musical in hopes of creating a sustainable musical theatre program. Getting to work with kids in both of these capacities is incredibly rewarding! 

By night (or day sometimes, time is a construct), I make my living as an actor in the Omaha area. I've been lucky to work with Nebraska Shakespeare, Omaha Theatre Company (The Rose Theater), Brigit Saint Brigit Theatre Company, Walk the Night (BlueBarn Theatre), and the Great Plains Theatre Conference. 

Where I've Been

I've been performing for most of my life. My background is in classical ballet, and I started doing voice work when I was 9 years old in the cartoon Strawberry Shortcake. I began acting on stage and developed my love for Shakespeare in high school, studied acting and directing in college at UNO, and since graduating I have developed a bit of a niche in puppetry and a passion for directing. I've done a bit of regional touring with NS and RESPECT, and I got to compete in Minneapolis at KCACTF once. 

Where I'm Going

*shrug emoji*


My next goal is to start traveling. I'd love to eventually get my MFA in directing, and perhaps start a company from the ground up someday. Artistic direct? Get my doctorate?? Teach at the university level??? Who knows???? 

Thanks for checking me out. 

Bye for now!

Photo by Ahmad Jaffrey.