We closed Winnie the Pooh this last weekend, and boy did this show fly by!! It seemed to end just as it was beginning. What a wonderful experience, working on a charming and hilarious show with so much heart, with a tight-knit ensemble of Omaha theatre veterans! Every experience with the Omaha Theatre Company at the Rose Theater is phenomenal, as I get to explore the most colorful characters and work with professionals whose life’s work is theatre for young audiences. I learned so much every single day. Stephanie Jacobson as Piglet was like watching a masterclass in comedy, and working with Rose teaching artist fellow Carina DuMarce as Pooh was just a joy. Adam Sherrerd provided all live accompaniment and sound effects, which brought such a unique twist on the musical genre, and worked so well for a small ensemble piece like Pooh. I couldn’t have asked for a better group of misfits to spend this process with.